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  1. Hi Dex. It's a cheap 3000w stand alone inverter
  2. I'm building a cheap solar system for the house. Chinese El cheapo components...and saving for a proper installation in the interim. I please need advice on how to prevent my batteries from being over discharged. My plan is to connect the inverter directly to the batteries as I'm not sure if I connect it to the charge controller it will be able to handle the required amps required by the load. My question is,. How do I prevent the batteries from being over discharged? Is there something I can put in between the batteries and the inverter that disconnects the load once the batteries dip below a certain voltage?
  3. Hi Gerrie New to the solar world. What does a change over contactor do exactly? Does it switch to mains when a load reaches a specific amp draw?
  4. Thanks Coulomb.. appreciate the feedback. So the king would be Axperts top model then. Where do I learn more about the various models that Axpert manufacturer?
  5. I have been reading some posts, and come across the term blended power. Is this where the inverter uses some of the batteries power and combines it with grid power to meet the demand of the load? Eg. If you turn the oven on and there is a high draw. Which inverters are capable of doing this? Would an Expert inverter be able to do this?
  6. Thanks guys I'm learning so much.
  7. Kleva..I tried to find your blog. Is there a URL you can provide?
  8. Thanks Kleva That is an excellent response and the advice is greatly appreciated. My thought process is build a cheap small system and gain some understanding before I spend a substantial amount of money on a 48 watt system. My knowledge and electrical skills are limited, but I'm leaning. I plan to power one 300watt TV and one 3watt LED lamp off the system. I know to calculate amps you divide watts by volts. How would I calculate running time on two 110ah batteries then? What exactly is an amp hour? I'm following this video as a rough guide So far I've spent the following 3000w Chinese inverter; R1060 50 amp Easton Chinese pwm controller; R1000 4x 100 watt panels; R3600 Batteries yet to be purchased. I'm looking at buying two gel batteries. Does it really matter if they are gel or lead acid on a small system like this? I'm aware that you can only discharge your batteries to 50%. On a pwm controller there is setting that disconnects the load at a specific voltage, is this a reliable manner to manage the battery? I'm really having fun learning about this stuff, a new hobby. Are there any magazines or international forums that are any good at looking at? Thanks Again
  9. Thanks for the reply. So what is the Ferrari of inverters? Is it a Victron?
  10. So Voltronic manufacturers them and mecer rebrands them...is it basically the same inverter as the American bpp model, I see on YouTube videos?eg https://youtu.be/ikDLxnf1ePQ
  11. Thanks so much really interesting thread. I am new to solar. So in other words. You use the software through a connection to your PC. The icc software is utilised through a raspberry pi.
  12. Thanks Dex Would the mecer one be the best way to go? Is Axpert the generic name for them?
  13. Thanks for the links GVC. What software are currently using then.
  14. I'm new to the solar world and doing some research before getting a system going to power the house. I've seen various inverters advertised; the two most common are the mecer 3/ 5kw inverters and the five-star 5kw inverters which are cheaper. Are they the same inverter ie. Axpert Is Axpert, the Chinese company that manufacturers the inverter? Does anybody have experience with the five-star inverter? Advice is greatly appreciated.


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