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  1. Have you tried to set it to charge from Solar Only? OSO?
  2. Make sure all power sources are switched off, leave battery source only, go to programme 28; Switch off inverter, within 30 seconds to one minute, implement the required changes before the inverter switches off, exit Programme 28 before the inverter switches off. The changes will be applied.
  3. I run 3 X Coslight batteries with a Phocos AnyGrid 5Va/5Kva Inverter and have set them at Bulk charge 53.5V and Float at 53.0 Volts. Equalisation is disabled, BMS cable to inverter disconnected; Communication between batteries is there (connected). All dip switches set at 0000 and then restarted them starting with the "assumed" master battery (the one directly connected to the inverter) . They work like charm and have very good synchronised charging and discharging. At first the supplier had advised setting float charge as per the Coslight sticker (54V) which cause one of the batteries to dis
  4. Any-Grid_PSW-H_Battery-settings-for-Pylontech-Batteries_2020-05-20 (1).pdf
  5. Read this manual Any-Grid_PSW-H_Battery-settings-for-Pylontech-Batteries_2020-05-20 (1).pdf
  6. Phocos is compatible with Pylontech batteries' BMS. It's a well.designed inverter with very flexible output source priority and battery charging settings
  7. Having used both, I can say that Phocos is also a variant of Axpert inverter, but a an improved variant. You can even use watch power with Phocos. Just compare the two based on specifications, features and price to arrive to your decision. Phocos is better noise-wise, perhaps because of the dust kit?, Has more settings. One of my favourite is the one where one can override source and charge priorities- giving you interesting array of possibilities and options. A close to a bad example for you on their differences will be akin to comparing Toyota and Lexus. If I was asked to choose I will p
  8. Unfortunately paperwork is the biggest problem. Great batteries without much documentation. I have tried to write to them in India but do far no response
  9. In very rare situations I been getting more than the PV Wattage 3.1KW 100 watts more) for short periods at around 11.00 AM even though the PV orientation is North West my setup is -15 X 200Watts Forge Poly PVs connected in series + 5KVA Victor NM II Inverter.
  10. I have installed LifePo4 batteries charged by a Victor NM-II inverter. I read somewhere there is a firmware update with a Lithium ion battery smart charging option which will enable the inverter to "communicate" with the batteries. I need help to, first get the firmware and second step by step and detailed instructions to update the firmware. I am using the user defined battery charging settings for now..
  11. Where are you based? I got mine (Indian made) from AfroCube in Harare, they may direct you to a supplier in South Africa. Let me know if you need their vontacts. By the way, once switched on for the first time, you do not need to open the cover again, you can just use the 1/0 pin hole to switch on and off (a good way to tell you your battery was brand new). Also when connected Slave and Primary) you just need to switch on one of them.
  12. I am thinking of changing the settings of my Axpert inverter so that it can charge my lithium ion batteries at very low current (say 2 Amps) at night. Will the batteries go bad as a result?
  13. And when you connect them make sure the dip switches are correctly set. Btw
  14. So you managed to start the battery? You will love them, excellent product
  15. For safety reasons, especially during shipping Coslight employs a different battery switching on mechanism 1) First open the top cover of the battery, you will see the screws around the top cover 2) press the 1/0 hole with a paper clip, or anything that can fit in than hole 3) partially open the cover, take a screw driver and short the neutral terminal? with the positive (I think) (there is a black rubber clip which you have to remove in order to do that. Thats how mine were switched on by the technicians. The batteries will switch on.
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