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  1. Beware.... <[email protected]> Mon, 19 Oct, 08:02 to me, 骆峰Martin Hi Mark, as we tried at noon,we have upgraded inverter BMS software to the newest version already, normally we suggest to install US2000 to work with inverter,US3000 isn't inclu
  2. What Growatt doesn't tell you at first. This after multiple tortured Teamviewer sessions with Mahone in China... (My system 3.2kW panel, 2xUS3000, and Growatt 5000TL-HVM Me Please Mahone Look at this that I have from April where you can see that my panels are locked in line mode until 60% SOC is reached after reaching full DOD. 1. Why line mode after DOD reached? 2. Why only 32A for charging as limit? (see attached pic of inverter behaviour- the 1650W flat line reflects the prolonged charging period at 32A. Only at 60% SOC are the panels 'released' to
  3. Have manage to update the Inverter firmware from Mahone, and can now drop the SOC to allow the panels to be 'released' by the BMS at a lower SOC. However still max 32A and what's worse is that SOC is read as 100% all the time. Inevitably total shutdown yesterday when batteries were truly emptied as they were never charged. Mahone in China says I need to update the BMS as well. Could you advise on how to do this? Do I update via the inverter or by plugging in directly to the battery Master? Thanks
  4. And what makes just a little bit worse is that Manie from ICC software is not able support Growatt which would be a backdoor route to changing the inverter-BMS behaviour. Irritation value high, not sure if it warrants a new inverter or one of the more expensive versions. What is your way forward? Mark
  5. I have a long running attempt to understand the relationship between my Pylontech BMS and the inverter settings. I have 2 x Pylontech US3000, the HVM inverter and 3.2 kW of panels. In the morning, particularly here in CT in winter, batteries get to to 22% DOD and from that point on, regardless of available panel charge, the BMS/Inverter will draw only 1650W until my lowest possible SOC of 60% is reached. At this point, suddenly the panels are then able to contribute to domestic load (see attached graphic). No attempt at changing settings is possible, beyond no. 12 being 22% and 13 being
  6. Hello everyone Some questions and observations about the Shineserver app/web service. Do you have any idea how one would differentiate the daily/monthly contribution from PV directly to domestic load vs that to battery charging? Am finding the terminology in the glossary either very technical or lost in translation to English. I am trying to work out whether adding a 3rd Pylontech 3 kW battery would make any sense with the panel configuration (3.6 kW) I have. I have managed to fine tune the BMS/inverter settings to get to as little exclusive charging time as possible (DOD set
  7. Hello again. I have 9x360W Canadian Solar with 6 facing at about 16deg and the 3 facing just north of West. Live in Claremont. Then the Growatt SPF 5000 inverter with 2 x 3.5kW Pylontech batteries. Saw your thread about tripping. Had a trip this morning with very little else on when I put the tumble dryer. Error 07 (overload). System installed in Feb. Hope this doesn't recur. Mark
  8. I am only surmising that from the steady current that the batteries seem to be drawing evidenced by the Table Mountain type shape of this on the image in my first post. During this time the household consumption is tracked almost exactly by grid supply until the batteries take over just before 12. This is the frustration, why can't the panels additionally supply the household needs when there is clearly capacity to do this in the middle of the day? As for new set up using your recommended settings, Cape Town just had it's first drizzly day in a long time and a late afternoon washing
  9. That is very helpful. Thank you. Interestingly, the SOC was locked at 95% when in exclusive solar charge for batteries (Sol in 14) but able to be manipulated once change to CSO. Looking good so far. Will post a picture of 24 hours of picture tomorrow. Still confused about why the draw from panels limited to 32A while in exclusive solar battery charging mode (Sol in 14). Any thoughts?
  10. Hello I wonder if somebody could help me with the settings on my recently installed Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM 5kVA/5kW Hybrid Inverter with 2 x Pylontech US3000 batteries (and 3.2 kW of array)? I read with interest the topic initiated by @SiliconKid on the firmware update for the above combination. My intention to install SPV was not to beat loadshedding but to drop my CO2 footprint- i.e. use as little of the grid as possible. My problem stems from the way that I seem unable to harness battery and solar capacity to run household loads (washing machine etc) until the batteries are charg
  11. Many thanks for the clarity Coulomb. Much appreciated.
  12. Starting off with solar and would value some advice. Have been recommended the Synapse 5.0K+ inverter for a 3kW panel array. Panels be installed on North and West facing aspects of roof. Installer has assured me that the two strings in series would be fine for this inverter's MPPT. I can't find information on whether the panel array really should have Dual MPPT's and if not, can this inverter's MPPT manage these two strings efficiently? Does it have dual MPPT's? Any recommends to the contrary? Can you advise? Am also looking to retrofit Tigo optimizers for panels affected by a wood b
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