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  1. I hear you on the multi valve, but it was dripping most of the day. So not 100% which one solved it more, I'm just happy. Just a pity I didn't pick this up before installed my pv solar system. Could have designed at least 6kwh/day smaller....
  2. Just to close this one off. I figured out my multi valve on the geyser is only 400kpa while the rest of the system is 600kpa. So part of what happened was that when the geysers got hot, they pushed water back out the multi valve on the mains (not to be confused by the TP valve...). While the guys was up there, I also got them to replace the non return valve leading to the solar tubes with a spring loaded version instead of a flap version. Between those two, the problem is now solved. Geyser works like a beast! Cut my daily consumption by 5 to 7kwhpd. The geyser is now
  3. I think that is exactly what is happening. Now to solve it...
  4. Makes sense! So basically put a kink in the pipes to prevent the warm water rising. Let me think it through, worried a vacuum might still push it through. I've heard the non returns valves don't last long and has to be replaced every few years.
  5. Tx. Our almost 20c drop is without anyone using hot water the evening. But thanks for the tip, will have a look.
  6. My solar geyser heats up to +65c during the day and then drops to 45c by the morning. I suspect the geyser is just siphoning water through all night long cooling it off. How do I prevent this? I've got 24 vacuum tubes accross 2x 200l in serie geysers. The "front" geyser is on geyser wise and the system takes cold water from the "back" geyser to feed warm water into the front geyser. Ive got geyser blankets and those pipe coverings on everywhere I could fit it. To make double sure it's not a temperature difference between the two geysers, I've electronically heated the
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