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  1. Thanks, reading the manual does help, I glossed over it and got stuck at trying to fathom out what is meant by Eco mode. Question for another day. However, I still have a problem - I set it to SLb, UdC, but it seems that solar is still only charging the battery with the load being supplied directly from the utility via bypass. I would have thought that on this setting, only spare capacity from solar would be directed to the batteries?
  2. Hi, I am new to solar power. I have recently installed a system with: 1 x 5 kW 48 V Kodak King inverter 2 x Pylontech US 2000 batteries 2 kW array of panels Output source priority is set to SBU. At the moment the system appears to configured so that the batteries are being charged from both solar and the utility. I want to change this, so that only solar is able to charge the batteries. It seems I do not have enough storage on the system and the batteries run out during the early hours of the morning, at which point they charge from mains. This seems pointless. Mains should take over and provide power to my home when the batteries are low and there is no/insufficient power, but mains should not be charging the batteries. At least not normally - I am happy to occasionally manually change this for example if load shedding is expected and the batteries are low due to say cloudy weather. Ideally - what I want is guidance on the best settings to optimize electricity saving and maximise the use of solar while minimizing the use of mains power. Thanks.
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