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  1. Hi All, I have installed 4 bluenova racpower on a system with a Victron 8kVa,2x smart solar mppt 250/100. The challenge I am facing is to increase the charging current,it is not going beyond 17A, it only increase beyond 17A to about 100A when the CAN cable from the Master to the CCGX is pulled out but for a short then alarm comes on the CCGX,I tried to use DIP switches but an error warning (internal failure ) comes up. Anyone who had encountered this can advise with the remedy.
  2. Good day , I would like to ask how I can clear this error displayed on a bluenova battery " ERROR" CellComsErr
  3. Dear all , I have an axpert mecer 5kVA/5kW inverter and 6x pylontech us2000 installed for a client. The batteries are fully charged but the inverter is displaying 50% and still charging. What could be the problem?
  4. Dear All, I would to ask if anyone has ever used dry contacts on axpert inverters to auto start/stop a genset?
  5. I want to install 3 phase 15kVA victron inverter system with a GX device and a 15kW fronius inverter,
  6. hi, i would like to ask if the system can run smoothly with victron energy meter used in conjuction with fronius energy meter?
  7. Asto

    Axpert settings

    thanks @Coulombyour magic worked out.
  8. Asto

    Axpert settings

    Thanks for the information,its a recent model (those with high PV input voltage). I will try your recommended values and advise you on the results!
  9. Asto

    Axpert settings

    Hi, i have an installed a mecer axpert 5kVA inverter, 4xUS2000 pylontech,10x 340W solar panels. the only settings availability in terms of priority are U, SBU and S only. I have selected SBU as per the client's request but Utility is charging the batteries whenever the sundisappears,it is not using batteries.What could be the problem setting 12 - 47.5V setting 13- 52.2V setting 26- 53.2V setting 27 - 51V setting 29 - 46.5V
  10. dear friends, may you please assist me on this one. i have 3x 8kVA Quattro inverters, all to be connected in a 3 phase set up.I have my AC in from a 3 separate double pole 63A into individual 3 quattros.,CCGX powered up,pylontech US2000 connected. VE Bus cables connected from the first quattro-2nd quattro ,3rd quattro the into the CCGX, I have set same values (charge current,float,absorption etc for each quattro). the errors i am getting on the CCGX #3, #10,#17 can someone give me light to solve this? This is my first 3phase victron installation.
  11. Yes I have a CCGX Device loaded
  12. Hey guys how do you program solar priority setting on quattro inverters with mppt smartsol 250/100
  13. Thanks for the information very helpful. One more question, Are you using the cable pack US2000/US3000 supplied with Pylontech? If not ,how do you connect the Pylontech with a much thicker cable say 70mm2.This is for a victron -pylontech installation.
  14. hi friends,can someone share with me a wiring diagram for a 3 phase 3x8kVa quattro inverter system?
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