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  1. Thank you for the feedback, I do the settings on the inverter lcd, appreciate!
  2. Thank you to the very helpful forum, one more question please, I intend to do some DIY during the week, involving welding, grinding and so forth, normal power tools. I do not like the inverter to continuously switch between solar and grid, parameter 23 is set on enable bypass, what I would like to know, can I soft set parameter 2 to utility first or is it better to set inverter AC DB physically to Grid on? I would prefer parameter 2 but only if it will not affect the inverter negatively. Bypass due to swimming pool pump running as well as ironing at the same time
  3. Took basically just over three hours from 34% to fully charged, definitely faster, one more question please, I do have the Raspberry software, indicating 28 on battery temperature, that stlii low enough? Referring to Calvin's feedback
  4. Thanks for the feedback, will monitor charging time tomorrow, regards Martin
  5. Did set to 80A, very little knowledge of this issue, what is the benefit of correct setting VS for instance 30A? Quicker charging time, battery performing more optimally or what?
  6. Thank you, I can only select 20A or 30A, thus either 60 or 90 combined, will 60A be better?
  7. Maximum charging current parameter 2 setting please 5kva 48v inverter 1x 3.5 and 2x 2.4 pylontech lythium batteries, current setting is 30A, was the setting with only the 2x 2.4 batteries, does it needs to change with the added 3.5 kwh?
  8. Thanks for all the feedback, only had the main 3.5 for about four weeks, will monitor, they all do charge to 100%
  9. My second battery has four lights on, 5th flickering, first and last one light on, 2nd flickering, indicating 19% SOC Master is 3.5, other two 2.4 Can it be set that all three drain equally?
  10. thank you, appreciate, will convey the message to the installer
  11. Hi, Axpert 5KVA, together with Pylontech US2000 battery all of a sudden started to trip DB earth leakage just before 3rd battery light needs to change over to solid instead of flickering (about after 50min) and only on the 3rd light - night time charging, when running on battery no problem, no other lights as well (when reset Earth leakage before light 3 is solid, just trips again) - was running fine for about a month before this started my settings are 01 = SBU, 02 = 60A (default) 11 = 10A, 16 = SNU (maybe set to OSO? but want to resolve problem first) 25 = was FDS, changed to FEN hopefu
  12. one of the features is Built-in MPPT solar charger controller
  13. thank you for the feedback, I first had 9 panels, when other three was added they got linked to the rest, no re wiring, I am only the end user, no knowledge of the technical stuff I did change setting 2 maximum charging current from 60a (default) to 20a to see if this can make a difference, however if I switch on the electric kettle the inverter goes to bypass and seems like it stays on bypass, will monitor
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