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  1. Hi all, Installed a solis 4g Grid tied system, and CT keeps giving Range error. Checked ratio and it is set correctly. Customer has a rural supply on prepaid, with the control panel of meter that plugs into wall outlet, and uses PLC (power line communication) to communicate with meter unit at eskom supply point. My question is, if I was to re-wire a plug, so that this meter could be plugged in between CT and Grid, would this resolve the issue. Also customers DB board is a mess of wires, could this create interference with the CT clamp. I have never had this issue and am stumped
  2. Hi Coulomb, You've been a great help. Final question, besides the two files I downloaded, do I need any other software on my computer to do firmware upgrade?
  3. so download and unzip these files onto a flash drive and update firmware as per instruction manual correct?
  4. so basically download and unzip these two files onto a flash drive, and then do firmware upgrade as per installation manual correct?
  5. where does one obtain this firm ware?
  6. Hi everybody, I have a system which is about three months old, 2x Kodak king UPS inverters, with PV and a 20kWh Pylontech battery back up. System was working fine until friday past. Customers eskom has been down since Thursday, now the system keeps giving hassles. The master inverter shows battery full, whilst the slave keeps giving a battery low error. What must I look for regarding faults, batteries are all still balanced and fully operational, but system literally keeps switching its self on and off. Would an ICC(inverter control center) sort this issue, or is that, as far as I understand, simply for online monitoring? Thanks


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