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  1. tonio

    Mixing panels

    If connected in series, the power will be 325W. I also have 285W and 290W in line.
  2. Hi guys Maybe this interests someone https://www.translatorscafe.com/unit-converter/en-US/calculator/battery-runtime/
  3. Hello I found the answer to what I was looking for, Victron document says: Connect two or more battery balancers in parallel (on average one balancer will take care of up to three parallel 200 Ah strings).
  4. Did someone try to use this way battery balancer?
  5. This is what the beginning looks like, there is still space on the roof, the expansion will be in the spring.
  6. I managed to set it up as I should. Now the charge is good. It works fine for me. It is the setting:
  7. What I'm doing wrong? This is my setting: why not charge continuously at 54.6 volts, why not keep it at this value? Back to discharge voltage: I set it to 58-V. Charging does not stop at 54.6 volts. Charges to 58 volts, then switch back to battery mode.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Then it stays that way, 8S2P, so 285*8= 2280W 290*8= 2320W 2280+2320 = 4600W So there should be no problem if it stays that way.
  9. AXPERT VM III 5000-48V + MPPT 5000W Document says max 5000W PV input. How long this can be increased, 10% - 20% ?
  10. I have been buying from them for 6 years. https://www.felicitysolar.com/lifepo4-lithium-battery-lpbf48150-7-5kwh_p9.html
  11. Thanks for the reassuring answer.
  12. It looks original to me, or copy ?
  13. They tried this battery, opinion? https://www.ltc-energy.com/Lithtech-TE2000-2-4kWh-Solar-Battery-Storage-48V-50Ah-Battery-Energy-Storage-pd47726055.html
  14. Today was sunshine all-day, I got this result, 8-PV series in 2-string 1PV=285W/ 290W I use this to measure consumption.
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