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  1. I had the same problem with the USB Serial Adapter where it cannot open port. Since i had a USB to USB OTG adapter from a tablet, I resorted to the USB flash technique, which was so easy. Copy dsp.hex to flash drive, then insert into inverter. While inverter is running normally, press top left button for 3 seconds, then press top left button again to choose upgrade, then press middle left to choose yes. Then wait like 10min, there is no progress indicator, inverter will reboot when it done. If it doesn't then press top left button again, and wait. I believe you have to make sure your Remote un
  2. Old thread, but I thought I would share my fix. Had same issue with error 32 on a Kodak OG-Plus 5.48. Just reflashed it again using USB stick, just press and hold usual button when error 32 is on screen, and run the upgrade again. Used 71.92 from Coulomb:
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