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  1. I did not notice the warning after 32 Attempting to flash to 71.86 main mcu to match the 2 existing units in a 3 parallel setup. 71.80 before flash. First attempt was done with usb stick method. reflash started and after about 10min stopped. After that when inv is switched on, countdown fan running. I dont have the option to re-do the stick method. all but power buttons are non responsive
  2. Please help Kodak king 5kw. Done firmware upgrade and inverter not starting up after. Only display 32 on screen?
  3. As far as I know Pylon bms limits 100A discharge even with 7 units connected with comms
  4. Thanks for your reply My understanding is even with a stack of 6 pylons, one is still limited to 100A battery discharge?
  5. For example kodak or mecer 5kw inverter.. 3 inverters in parallel 15kw. Roughly 60A max AC output. Will never reach 60A output with only 100A DC input available?
  6. Good day Connecting Pylon tech to 2 or more inverters(parallel or 3 phase) Do you connect each inverter to a separate Pylon battery or all inverters to one battery bank? Latter how do you deal with pylon 100a max output? Seems kinda useless having only 100a DC input on 15kw inverer setup?
  7. Day 2 without any conlog trips, and a 160 watt lamp lighting up the garage during daytime..feels like a waste but it seems do do the trick. Thanx for your help
  8. Thank you Chris The inverter came with the EZ meter,no clamp ct. This means I will connect the 150w load on the municipal supply side of the EZ meter? This way the conlog will see a constant load?
  9. Please help. Have a Goodwe 4.6kw hybrid installed and recently had a conlog bec44 prepaid installed. The conlog disconnects on abnormal trip, suspect this happens when inverter "zero's" Inverter is set to 0% export
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