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  1. Hi DeepBass1 , Any update on this project ? Most interesting thread . Also , would you mind sharing your gearing details , and more details on the electric motor to wheels setup , even pics if possible. I'm thinking of doing a similar project for a farm , but run time is main concern. Do you feel your 2500W motor sufficient for farm life ( torque over top speed ) , or would you go for a more powerful one , which obviously reduces run time on a charge. Thanks
  2. I have the AlphaESS smile 5 , also sort of off the grid and yes , the alphaESS is not meant for off grid situations as confirmed by their head office in China . I contacted them because my system “blinks “ every day Twice a day at exactly the same time . By blinking I mean the voltage dips for a second then returns. A few seconds later same story . This goes on for a minute or so. The guy who installed it hasn’t finished the full installation and is now ignoring me. AlphaESS tech guys said they can’t test the system until there is a Eskom connection into the inverter . Basically a ca
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