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  1. Wow, so there appears to be a big problem with Growatt HPM. I have 2 in parallel 5000TL HPM-WPV. 12x340w panels each, 8x3600kwh Dyness batteries. ( I’ve also been playing around with panel configuration for a totally off-grid installation at our rural guesthouse.) In any case, everything was working great ( a few hiccups) until suddenly each inverter will not put out more than 17A charge current. This is a major problem since on overcast days I’m forced to reconnect to Eskom which is my goal to divorce due to their outrageous connection fees for rural installations. I'm working
  2. The HVM appears to be the latest incarnation of the ES (as far as I can tell). I just purchased and installed the HVM-WPV (2x5kw) which allows higher string voltages as well as 1.2x oversizing of the Installed PV (6kw). They may maintaining the different flavors for people who want to expand there systems... you can parallel 6 of them at a time which is great.
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