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  1. Thank you JustinSchoeman. I will use your sequence. I just want to ensure that I don't damage any components by sending them power when they shouldn't have power or by not gracefully shutting them down. I come from a server/storage background and I know that we need to follow procedure/sequence to avoid damage/dangerous situations.
  2. Hi community So I have a silly question. Is there a specific way to switch the sunsynk inverter on and off, sequence of starting and stopping? I have the 8.8kw inverter. Should I switch any breakers off first, do you switch the battery off first or last(pylontech batteries). Also there is a button on the side as well as a switch. What is the difference between them? Thank you in advance.
  3. Thanks Bloubul7, I see that since I changed the cables for the link port the charge % is starting to go up again. Now at 97%.
  4. Thank you Vassen much appreciated. I will monitor the system and see how things go.
  5. Morning, so I switched the cables as per recommendation, that is port link 1 to port link 0 with batteries switched off. After about 5 minutes of running, the master battery appears fine, on the slave battery the run light and Soc lights are all on for about 3 seconds and then all off for about 3 seconds. Is this normal. The red alarm light is not on at any stage, on either of the batteries. Also whilst like this with the cables switched, the Soc on my inverter(sunsynk 8.8kw) shows 94% whereas before I switched the cables it stayed on 88%. So my question is: in current state where run light an
  6. Thank you Quwatush Shams (Suly), do I need to power down the battery first or can I do it while the battery is running.
  7. Thank you PhilFM, do you perhaps know why it must be connected in this way?
  8. Hi Powerforumn community, I have recently bought 2 pylontech us3000 batteries, I see that when they were installed, the installer connected the comms cable to link port 0 on both of the batteries. When i read the manual and on the forumn, it appears the people connect link port1 to link port 0. Does it make a difference? Thank you
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