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  1. Yes, it is actually what I have done. I just didn't received the kind of answers I was expecting. I am sorry.
  2. Hello, If I want to use a 12v 100w solar panel with a 10A charge controller and a 12v 60ah battery. I have to use a cable which accept 10A right? And for the size, if I want to use it for 1.5m, is it okay ~2.44 mm? I would like to use something like that:
  3. Okay thank you. If I would like to use one. Could I use this one? Quick reminding about the solar panel I want to buy: Nominal current (Imp) 4.3 A. Short-circuit current (Isc) 5.98 A. Can I connect this to a 10A EPEVER Mppt charge controller? How? And if you know some videos about fuses, I am grateful.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if we always have to put a fuse on our battery (the positive side), for me it would be a victron battery 12v 60ah. Will said it in one of his video so that's why I am asking. Here is the video where he said that:
  5. Okay thank you. Anybody else could give me their opinion? Also, better gel or Agm batteries?
  6. Are victron good quality batteries? Because they are quite expensive and I want to make sure I would buy a good battery. (I need a 12v 60ah battery which last more than 2 years) It looks like that: I still have troubles finding a battery which is quite cheap (under 150 euros) and good quality too. So I am curious to know if victron would be a good choice as a battery.
  7. Okay thanks So I still need to find the battery and everything should work.
  8. Actually, I think I already said it. I would charge it thanks to this: It should work I think.
  9. Okay. And do you think 2h using my laptop in cloudy days, is enough?
  10. Okay great. And so to learn how to monitor it, I guess I have to read the instructions of the charge controller? And see some videos about it. 2h is enough even in cloudy days?
  11. So with a 12v battery there is less losses because it is higher?
  12. Okay thanks, so I should think for something else because I would like to have this battery for at least 2 years. (By using it every day)
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