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  1. Hi guys. Please forgive my ignorance, but is communication between inverter and battery that important? I don’t have any connections between inverter and battery (besides the thick power cables) and don’t seem to have any problems at all. My installer set up all the charging details into the inverter/MPPT and left it like that. The batteries will not charge higher that what he programmed it to charge. Also he set the inverter to switch off if the batteries get to 48v or 50v (I can’t remember) The internal bms takes care of everything else. Am I missing something? Could someone please
  2. What a cheap shot for a priest to take at one of the flock!! No wonder church attendance is dwindling.
  3. Very nice. So neat and attractive looking. I love your clever use of a DIY heatsink.
  4. Sorry, I apologise if what I said upset certain members. I was just answering the question posed. Yes a fuse is very much advised, but not everyone decides to go that route.
  5. Is this a fixed price or are you willing to negotiate?
  6. I don’t have a fuse on the positive of my battery. I have a big-ass 200a trip switch.
  7. I have been running off grid for the past two weeks now and they are still going strong. I thought that I may end up running empty with all the rain we have had over this time, but I still haven’t had to switch back to Eskom. I am really happy with these batteries. It is sometimes a little difficult to estimate state of charge because they only display voltage. However they haven’t dropped below 51v yet. I think the lowest I saw was 51.2v. I will eventually get a Victron bmv to get a better idea of charge, but that is for next year. How is your battery performing?
  8. Very nice installation. How much is that battery?
  9. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some Power Forum merchandise? I’m thinking hoodies, jackets, T-shirts and caps. I would love to have a hoodie like that. What does everyone else think?
  10. I agree with Vassen. I also have a mecer unit running my tv, fridge and DVD player. There is only the fan noise, no buzzing.
  11. From all the articles I have read, lithium batteries are happiest between 40% and 60% state of charge. For me, I keep mine between 30% and 90% state of charge most of the time. Once a month I will go as high as 98% just to erase any memory effect.
  12. How old is this inverter?
  13. This is a good idea, where can I get such a product?
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