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  1. Unfortunately ICC does not work on the Goodwe but I am still using it to monitor my batteries. I build my own dashboard using the Emoncms software from OpenEnergyMonitor.org - which is I think embedded in ICC.
  2. Just to confirm they did adjust that setting to 50hz grid default
  3. Interesting info - thanks . I eventually told the guy with the problem to submit a ticket to Goodwe which he did. They responded the same day that they had made adjustments to the device and he should monitor if the issue is resolved - which raises the question as to how much can they do remotely - possibly it was just the 50hz setting - will check when I am at his place again what PV Master says. Needless to say very impressed with the quick response from Goodwe
  4. Can anyone explain this to me - DC Injection High? What does it mean - the manual just mentions it but no explanation as to what can caiuse it. When this happens the pv generation drops resulting in ver low daily PV generation - the 'error' occurs multiple times a day causing the PV graph to show a general up and down output instead of a constant smooth output line
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