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Not all Axpert 5kVa Inverter Settings Running in Parallel.


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I have 2 x 5kVa inverters running in parallel. I noticed that you can change settings on any of the two and it would program the other inverter accordingly. You don't have to change the settings on the master unit only. That goes for all the settings, except for Charger source priority settings, setting 16 on the Axperts.

I have 12 solar panels. 4 Strings of 3 panels connected in series and then two stings connected in parallel. I therefore have 2 strings coming from the solar panels to the inverters. One sting to each inverter. After installed amp and volt meters on the 2 stings coming down to the inverters, I noticed that they do not run in parallel or share the load load equally between the 2 inverters. The slave unit would take say about 70% of the load before the master unit would start to produce any power. Then the slave unit would go to 100% and the master unit will sit at say 20%. The master unit will then handle the fluctuations.

I also noticed something else interesting. You can have different charger source priority on both inverters and set them differently. What you set on one inverter does not automatically get sent through to the other inverter as with all the other settings. It seems that everything else runs in "true parallel", where they share everything equally, except when it comes to pv panels. It might have something to do with each inverter having its own set of panels and not share the same string as with say the battery bank, where they both see the same batteries.  

I just thought it is something interesting to share. Don't assume that because you set the charge priority on the one inverter, it will be the same on the other inverter. You have to set the settings individually on both inverters. 

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