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Send signal to switch remote appliance on/off over power grid.


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Hi All

OK... I have 3 residences on the farm.  

  • One is mine - I can control devices via relay etc.
  • 2nd is tenant (200m away)
  • 3rd is tenant (100m away)

I've been reading up on X10 type devices which allow you to switch them on and off over the power grid as I don't have the means to do it another way.


I want to be able to switch off remote fridges/pool pump for example by sending a signal based on SOC of my bank.  That way I can start considering going off grid and not killing my bank as soon as a tenant decides to use the stove when they actually don't know the power is off.

For example: My pool pump both tenants and outbuildings are all on one cable one and one phases (BUT I want to be selective and allow for lights cellphones for example...)

I'm thinking about options and this looks like a viable way to use existing technology to my advantage.  This may also help others who have distributed devices all over the farm, for example borehole pumps!

Your thoughts






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I started experimenting with the Sonoff switches one can get them at communica


They are "hackable" but haven't started to go in this direction just yet.

Want to automate power switching via wifi and raspberry pi using mqtt to read available solar power and then utilize as much as possible without overloading the inverters real time production capability.

I would use heating to burn off extra capacity when's it available during the day, but if clouds Arrive it would be nice to read via mqtt the axperts pv and load output and ensure that the pv input is always a few hundred watts higher than the load, as conditions change the app should be able to drop
Non essential heating / cooling loads etc, ideally with the system being very dynamic and quick to read current conditions.

A type of Home Energy Management solution if you will.

Also toyed with a pi and 8ch relay board with home assistant on the pi, it was pretty good, but the electrical wiring to the 8ch board was not practical. Liked the way home assistant worked with the need for Internet / cloud.

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