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NET metering


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NET Metering is where you meter can allow you to export power back onto the Eskom grid.

Currently there is some guys doing it with the very old rotary meters, but it is illigal.

Only once the new prepaid meters is available, can it be done legally.


So last year I contacted Bloemhoff electrical department and they said they still busy testing the new meters and getting them SABS certified.

Currently there is a couple of pilot projects running in CPT area.


Here is the reply I got from Bloemhoff:


Requirements for Residential PV, until a new metering solution is adopted with the consumer being required to be on the domestic net metering tariff. Only on the basis of being cost responsible for installing a new split prepayment meter with passive common base (if credit meter currently installed or not in place already), which decrements on reverse power flow and must be on domestic (not lifeline) tariff. No refund will be payable for decremented units and it will be in your interest to consume all renewable energy. If/once the new split bi-directional prepayment meter is available, we will pick up cost of new prepayment meter, if you move to residential net metering tariff. Compliance with technical specifications.


Application detail as follows:

  1. GEN/EMB - Application for the connection of embedded generation. Refer to CCT website http://www.capetown.gov.za/en/electricity/Pages/ServiceApplicationForms.aspx [copy attached].

  2. Clearance by other City of Cape Town Departments are not required for domestic buildings.

  3. SSEG ENA G83/1-1 Appendices.

  4. Declaration by professional engineer/technologist of SSEG installation compliance to G83/1-1 & NRS 097-2-1.

  5. Inverter type testing by 3rd party test house [examples of SAM and MLT Drives attached].

  6. Electrical installation Certificate of Compliance.

  7. SSEG electrical network drawing.

  8. Inverter programed to NRS 097-2-1.

  9. Site layout.

  10. Operations and Maintenance Procedure.

  11. NERSA requirements are that City of Cape Town is responsible for registering installations less than 100 kW exporting to the grid, in line with “Standard Conditions for Small Scale (less than 100kW) Embedded Generation within Municipal Boundaries”. Retrospective requirements might be required in future.




021 918 7010



17887lvr electrical requirements for EG (16-07-12).pdf.pdf


Application Form - Embedded Generation - GEN-EMB 201203021.pdf.pdf

Declaration of compliance _ MLT Drives Powerstar 6kVA _ G831_1 and NRS09....pdf


SMA_SB3,4,5000TL-21-Serie_NRS 097-2-1_SUM_0.pdf.pdf

SMA_SBxx00-TL-ST-21_UNBED_NRS 097-2-1_RSA_U12-441.pdf.pdf

SSEG ENA G83-1-1 appendices 2011 11 18.doc.doc



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this is interesting for when it is available to us. I also know of a few folks that are doing this on the down low at the moment. problem is that some breakers trip in the street box and Eskom then come into the picture and it becomes an issue.

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