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Tommatech/Axpert Utiltity charging


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I have a Tommatech 3KVA with MPPT charger which is a rebranded Voltronic - I think it matches the Axpert EX 3K-24. (specs. on unit attached)

I'm in quite a remote area & rely on mainly solar power but for a fee I can get 4-5 hours of shared generator power at night but it's only 2A & the voltage is quite low - ranges between 140-170V. I want to use it to top up the batteries especially on cloudy days. The problem is it has a 2A trip switch which keeps on tripping & it's quite a walk to go & throw it back up. I was using this previously on a manual charger & simple inverter system & it didn't trip.

What I want to do is set the generator as the charge source when available WITHOUT being output source (bypass) as that seems to be when it trips.

Is there a way that I can set it to only charge my batteries & not use it as a source? I've tried setting

01 - Output source priority: Sbu

16 - Charger source priority: Utility first

It doesn't start to charge the batteries unless it's on output source priority utility & then trips. By my logic - if the output source priority is Solar/Battery/Utility (01-Sbu) & charger source priority is Utility then it should work as I need. Maybe I'm not understanding the settings correctly.

Any ideas??



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6 hours ago, pilotfish said:

One way would be to use the Axpert as an off grid system (so dont connect generator to Axpert at all), and then use your generator supply with separate battery charger to charge batteries only at night.

2 amps at that low voltage is like 300W. I agree, separate battery charger. Some hybrid inverters have a feature where you can set a limit on the input current, either using surplus for charging or supplying the difference from the battery, but that's going to cost a lot more than a charger at this point.

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