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Emoncms logging


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i had to reinstall emoncms because it didnt update anymore... (for some wierd reason)


but now when i redid the feedlogs, it doesnt work...

i want to + , the gridwattskwd and the loadwattskwd, but it doesnt go good...


some one can see the error i did?

seems to be ok for me..but its not.. ;)

in example the sum must be : 19.42 + 4.64 

and thats not 4014.64 !!!!

P.S. i did change the log to feed from position 1 - 2 - 3 ,nothing works 


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I'm no EmonCMS expert, but i can see where you are going wrong, but how to fix....

When you say + feed, the last defined feed is GridWatts, hence it does 4010 + 4.64

So I would think to fix, after you do the 19.42 result cals, may try a log to feed (to a new field)?

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Thats the problem with Virtual feeds. At one stage I used almost a 100 of them to do various calculations within Emon. IF you make one mistake within the virtual feeds the whole thing can go belly up (My self has lost at least 2 db's that way). Now I steer clear of them as much as possible. 
Keep in mind that Emon writes the last value received into MySql before it goes into the .dat files. So you could always do the calculations in MySql. I prefer to  do some of the calculations before I send it to Emon and only use it for data logging. 


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2 hours ago, Sidewinder said:

Manie's ICC ver 2 now logs to Node 0, vs ver 1's Node 1.

That's a bit of bummer , you could change the nodeid in the input table from a 1 to 0 with the following query or 0 to 1

UPDATE`input`SET `nodeid` = replace(`nodeid`, 0, 1 )

and then update the feeds table with 

UPDATE`feeds`SET `tag` = replace(`tag`, "Node 0", "Node 1")

Now if you are not sure what this is first make a backup of the sql table en do at your own risk!! :P


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