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frequent fluctuations


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Remember that the Axpert is not a inline "ups" so if you are on grid the power goes "through" the inverter so any fluctuations will be passed on. If you are on solar then it will be "clean". I am not sure if the inverter will switch over on brownouts but I do know that there has been some issues with generators that does not give a clean frequency and voltage fluctuations so I would assume the inverter will behave in the same manner  when the grid power is bad.

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7 hours ago, maxomill said:

hi guys

I was asked a question today that l don't really know how to answer and Im hoping that maybe someone has more experience with it

how do axperts handle brown outs and frequency fluctuations and dirty power  ?

any takers


In a brown out situation the Axpert switches to battery/solar. The sensitivity is set by program 3. In Appliance mode if voltages drop below about 190 V it switches to solar. In UPS mode it is much more stringent. I cannot get my Axpert to run off my gennie in UPS mode.

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