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Daxtronm BGH-5KW (Voltronic Infinisolar V2 Clone)


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Hello to all hardware hackers and software reversers from this forum.

In the rush for cheap inverters, I bought a clone inverter of the Infinisolar V2 Daxtronm BGH-5KW. (looks exactly like Easun SV2 (Infinisolar V2) - a model very popular now in my country.

The only difference / problem that I noticed is that it does not work without batteries connected. If I have only AC IN connected, as soon as I turn ON the  AC out from the power switch it shows error 09 - bus soft start failed. It does not go into bypass mode.

I had a look on the schematic diagram (many thanks @Coulomb- great work there), i also did a side by side comparison with EASUN SV2 (Infinisolar V2) and I noticed that U11 is missing from the Daxtronm PCB board (please see 4th photo).

I also noticed that on the EASUN SV2 when in bypass mode, voltage on PV input (no PV's connected) rises to ~41...48[V] and on Daxtronm is only to 10...12[V]

Any ideas how to make it work without batteries? (like EASUN SV2 does?) Could this missing U11 be the issue?

Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Main DSP is TMS 320F2809P7A, FW ver: U1 52 20.



daxtronm bgh5kw_main Uc IMG_20221130_015326.jpg

U11_missing_daxtronm BGH5KW IMG_20221130_014129.jpg



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19 hours ago, sethmad said:

Could this missing U11 be the issue?

Perhaps. I've never noticed that AC_ON input in any firmware, but then I've never had a need to find it.

Looks like you'll need a through-hole U6 as well, unless there is an SMD U6 under the board. This seems like penny pinching in the extreme. Or perhaps chip shortage in the extreme.

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