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Error-51 VM-III control board

Kapila Gajapala

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1 hour ago, Kapila Gajapala said:

Dear friends , 

I getting error -51    even without any load    need an advice  


I have no experience of such fault. But is it still possible to scroll thru the measurements on your menu? If so, what does the load power reports?  The reason why i am asking is maybe the load sensor integrity is at stake. 

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2 hours ago, Kapila Gajapala said:

I getting error -51    even without any load

There are operations amplifiers (op-amps) at the left end of the control board (top of your photo). These do the differential voltage measurement for things like inverter load current and inverter voltage, bus voltage, and so on.  I suspect it's the op-amp in the top right of your photo, or some of the Rs and possibly Cs that connect to it.

Edit: for other readers, fault code 51 on most Axpert inverters is Output Over Current.

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