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Kodak OGS5.6 with Fivestar Battery


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1 hour ago, ob1 said:

Did anyone manage to get the Kodak to talk with fivestar Battery? The information on the web is a bit confusing and the manual do not help either. 




According to another forum site, the Fivestar lithium is rebranded Felicity. 

If that is true, we know the Felicity works with Deye  via RS485 and we have reason to believe the protocol is Pylontech. 

We also know that your Kodak support Pyontech protocol. 

So there is a temote chance your fivestar may pair with Kodak. 

Does the battery manual shows an RJ45 connector pinou.? If so please show it. We know the Felicity pinout, and rs485 is on pins 5 and 6.

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2 minutes ago, ob1 said:

There was a rj45 patch cable in the box with the battery also but with no indication what it is. 



What i can do for you is to show you a digram how the connections needs to be made btween battery and inverter. 

I would strongly suggest that you get a standard ethernet one-to-one cable to experiment with. Then cut the cable in two and wire the 8 wires of one cut cable  to a small chocalate block, using the colour codes to wire them from 1 to 8.

For the other cut cable we will use 2 wires to wire it to the other side of the chocalate block. In this manner can we easily prove wether the connection work, before going to the extent of making off a special cable. 

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Please. That will help allot. I'm also not sure where to plug it in and on what settings. Inverter have rj45 for COM and BMS so I assume BMS. The battery have 5 x rj45 plugs as in the picture of my 1st post. Not sure what I must use there. Then on inverter settings must I use POL? I only tried lib and lic until now. Thank you for you assistance. 

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Below is the wire color coding on a standard ethernet cable :


So the following table refers as a wiring diagram:

Function              BMS (battery)                          INVERTER

RS485-A           Pin 6    GREEN                     Pin 5                 BLUE/WHITE

RS485-B           Pin 5    BLUE/WHITE           Pin 3                 GREEN/WHITE


So you can basically just wire it on a two terminal chocalate block as shown in the table.

On the inverter side you need to set Menu Option 5 to PYL   (for Pylontech) 

You can start by plugging the RJ45 on battery in the topmost RS485 slot.

You may have to set your dip switches correctly , so if you can also supply us with the dip switch setting




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14 minutes ago, ob1 said:

Thank you. This makes allot more sense than the manual. 


Ok that dip switch setting table is also is as per Felicity. 

When we paired the Felicity with Deye, we had to set 1 and 5 on, others off. But your battery has no 5, only 1 to 4. So i assume they have just hardwired the 120ohm terminating resistor permanently, which is fine. So you need to set 1 on, others off. 

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