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MultiGrid 3000VA certified for NRS-097


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I have good news for other blue-blooded users. The multigrid is a special version of the Multiplus that has the second physical switch incorporated, as mandated by NRS097.2.1. It's not significantly more expensive than the Multiplus (and much cheaper than buying a Ziehl anti-islanding device). Copy-pasting from the newsletter.

--- snip ---

The 12, 24 and 48V versions of the MultiGrid 3000VA have been certified to comply with the South African NRS-097-2-1:2017 standard. Both for single phase and for three-phase installations. Download the certificate here. Install the MultiGrid together with our MPPT Solar Charge Controllers to create a perfect Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Another typical application for the Multigrid is to upgrade existing grid-tie PV Inverter systems. It adds backup power in case of a grid failure and will ensure the solar system stays powered up during the outage as well.

To comply with the standard, the MultiGrid needs to run firmware version 419, which will be released within a few days. Once that firmware version is installed, select the South African standard on the grid-code tab in VEConfigure. There are no hardware changes involved, any already purchased or installed MultiGrid can be updated.

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good afternoon,  new here!

Just wondering if this system (Victron MPPT + Multigrid + CCGX + Batteries) will keep working when the grid power disconnects?  ie.  in island mode.  I don't quite understand the change / impact of NRS097.2.1 on the configuration?  almost sounds like the system have to switch off when no grid power but from the snippet it sounds like it should be able to keep running.

I'm planning my system, and would like to have limited batteries for backup, 8kw of solar, grid tied.  when no grid, should just keep running.  normal daily usage should be from PV, then GRID, then battery.

hope it makes sense.




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5 hours ago, tinus said:

will keep working when the grid power disconnects?  ie.  in island mode.

Yes. The Multiplus has an input and an output, the 3kva has two inputs in fact (so you can put your generator on the other one). Loads that are on the output stay up when the grid goes down. BUT... it can also feed power backwards out of the input to power loads on that side of the inverter (just like a grid-tied inverter would do). For these loads on the input, it is important that it disconnects the inverter from the grid the moment the grid goes out, to avoid backfeed. NRS097-2-1 is the South African standard that regulates this requirement. The Multigrid was already certified for Germany and Australia, and now it is certified for South Africa too. Only the 3kva model is certified so far, but I suspect others will follow soon.

6 hours ago, tinus said:

normal daily usage should be from PV, then GRID, then battery.

For the past two days I've been testing the "Keep Batteries Charged" feature of ESS (Energy Storage System). It didn't work properly with MPPTs (only with PV inverters), but it has been fixed and it works really well now! In this mode, all surplus energy is used to power loads, either on the input or the output of the inverter, while it keeps the batteries full. At night, it float charges from the grid, though there are ways to hack that so it doesn't happen. This will only land in CCGX firmware version 2.12 though.

In any case, it sounds like that mode will work perfectly for your use case. It will only run from battery if the grid fails. The downside to running it like this, is that PV is wasted if you have no loads at the time (because the batteries are full).

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