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Hi guys need some help :>


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That looks very very much like an ABB. Which is legal far as I know?

(... while you are reading this instantly... I went off to go and google it... )

Yes. ABB acquired Power One in 2013. So chances are it's an ABB inverter.

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Just now, Energy said:

Do we have that list of Legal Grid Tie Inverters in SA?

The most common one is the Cape Town List. Though look at the fine print at the bottom, it says the list in itself is not a guarantee that the inverter is okay, it is merely a guideline. Technically any inverter that complies with NRS097-2-1 can be used, and all inverters must be signed off by a qualified person anyway.

Basically, if the inverter has NRS097-2-1 certification, it is legal. Or should be.

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Looks like the first one is for America and Canada, and that says it is UL-listed (which I believe is like our local SABS mark). The next two is for Germany  (0126 is the old standard, 4105 is the new one). The last two is the CE certification, which is health and safety and a general electrical thing. In other words, there is nothing for NRS097 here.

If you have VDE-AR-4105 certification, NRS097 should be a cinch as far as I understand, but don't quote me on it. Sadly you still need specific certification for NRS.

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