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Help to ISolar SMV 3K 24V Plus


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Good afternoon, I would like to know if there is a possibility to update the firmware of this model, I have a 24v, 1000w installation on plates and NICad batteries 185Ah C5, and the problem is that these batteries need a lot of voltage you need to reach 1.90v per cell and the inverter is limited to 31.5v, so the 20 glasses only reach 1.57v.

Firmware----- U2-02 -----U1 29

What I need would be to remove the voltage rise limitation and reach at least 37-38v


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Wow. 1.9 / 1.2 is almost 1.6:1. That's a very wide voltage range. Not many 24 V loads would be comfortable with 37 or 38 V feeding them either. Most searches seem to talk about 1.45 to 1.5 V maximum, but perhaps flooded NiCd is different. 

It will take an unusual charger to accommodate these cells. 

Edit : Battery University mentions 1.55 V per cell, which would be a more achievable 31 V for 20 cells in series. Are you sure of this 1.9 V per cell figure? 

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