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12V 5A power supply for small amp


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12V is on the yellow cables. 5V is on the red cables. I believe it's all just wired to the same bus so it matters little which yellow cable you use. Negative is on the black cable, or course. For an ATX supply there is a specific wire you have to pull to ground to turn the PSU on. Google is your friend here.

Older supplies (giving away my age here) also had -5V and sometimes -12V supplies, but those could only do milliamps at most. And of course newer systems have 3.3V on the orange wires.

Traditionally the bulk of the PSU's capabilities will be on the 5V lines, where it can do 20 amps or even more. The 12V supply is usually more limited, because it is only there to power hard drive motors and fans. If you are lucky, the limits is printed on the side of the case.

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