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batteries graphs


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This is a discharge chart for a 2v cell.

If you look at the 1st and last last square in the 2nd data line of the top chart it tells me that a fully charged cell will deliver 5amps for 20hr before reaching 1.8v, so this tells me that the cell has a C/20 rating is 100Ah.

Looking at the chart I am guessing that it is probably a Ritar battery, but they come in many shapes and sizes. Battery chemistry and life expectancy would form a very important part of your analysis - A 100Ah/C20 battery with a life expectancy of 1000cycles to 50% SOC is not the same as a 100Ah/C20 battery with a life expectancy of 2000cycles to 50% SOC.

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20hr rate should have been 0.05C or C/20
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