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Hi Guys,

My system has been upgraded about 2 weeks ago and I now have the following equipment: 8kva Sunsynk Inverter, 2 x Hubble AM5 batteries and 6 x 330w panels connected to one MPPT. I plan to add another string of 6 x 550w panels on the other string in a week or two.  I made some settings changes after input from this group. I am running off solar most of the day and off battery at night and early parts of the morning. The system switches to grid when SOC reaches 40% at around 5:00am and then combination of solar and grid from about 7am until solar produces enough power to power the load and charge the battery. The battery takes the entire day to charge as the panels does not provide enough power to charge the batteries quicker. 

Everything is working fine, however I 
wanted to check with the experts if my inverter settings are all correct and the system is working optimally.

Please see attached photos for reference.

Your inputs and comment will be appreciated. 



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