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RCT 5kva King inverter settings


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I just swopped out my Standard Mecer 5kw inverter for the RCT. The idea is to later on run a second array for the Mecer . 


With my mecer i could pivk and choose in settings how i wanted the inverter todo what i wanted for it ..Like Untility were never allowed to charge the batteries . . Utility only took over once there was no more PV input . These settings i managed by means of watch power. 


With the King installed i am lost . I have tried all settings . The invertyer still allows utility to charge the battery that i do not want at all. 

I have now used all the settings on the inverter and no joy.  Watchpower also does not allow me to change the charger source priority. See attached screenshot of error message it gives. 


Am i doing something wrong here ? am i missing something?


I am about to just put the Mecer back on . 



solar settings.jpg


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According to the manual "SBL&UDC" should be doing what you want... I see there is a note in the manual at setting 16 that says "In case of battery keep discharging to cause battery damaged, inverter will charge battery at 1~2A in line mode". From that I guess it means it will always charge with 1-2A if there is grid available to prevent battery damage. Is it using more than that? If so you could try changing "Max AC charging current" to 2A (I think that's the lowest it goes). I have a King, but I don't have a grid connection so I don't know exactly how this behaves.

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2 minutes ago, Sakkie7116 said:

Thank you . 

After reading up on it ...i decided to just remove it and fit my standard 5kw back . It just gives me much more controll on the system 

To add, in my rather uneducated technical opinion I think this is likely due to the "zero transfer time" achieved in the design of the king hardware, it seems to be quite unique.

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