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Kodak FL5.2 battery error


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Hi all

Have been running a Kodak OG Plus 5.48 for an year odd with 2 x Kodak FL5.2 batteries

Recently added two more of the same batteries.

I now see BAT no 4 (only) display error "High Voltage Fault" from time to time
[LED no 2 flashes with RED LED on]
it will be on for a few minutes (+/- 5min), then off for a longer period (+/- 15min)

- I have spent a week trying to call Segen support,
could not manage to speak to anyone, ask for VM then cuts off, no action from the VM left


Any insight / suggestions pls


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Hi Smokey,

Have you come right? I had to upgrade the old battery firmware when adding a new one.


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found what I was looking for in an older version of the FL5.2 Manual
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Posted (edited)

Afraid I couldn't figure out how to upgrade the battery's BMS.

For some other reason (cant remember) I moved the controlling of the batteries from separate (one INV per 2 BAT's )
to 1 INV to 4 BAT's so the 2nd slave INV does not control the BAT's

never had the issue again

I just remembered, after looking at my notes of the time ... the BAT config did not solve the problem,
I still happens when I run in SUB mode, in SBU = no issue


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