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erratic icc readings etc axpert5kv


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i have just replaced a battery on my 4x250ah bank. the old ones have been working not too hard for about 9 months, so the new one should fit in. they all are at 13.4v and charging - 53.98v according to bmv]

the whole system [axpert 5k and 8x300w panels] was out of commission for a while but is now back online.

what i don't like is that the icc shows erratic axpert temp readings, both on the dashboard and the overview tab readout, see image - mostly it stays at 29c but with sudden drops to 2c and initially i also had readings of about 81c

apart from that the sun is up and i get only 140w from my 2400w array, and the washing machine and some lights are on and the load indicates 9w...

- any help here?

God bless!

erratic bat temp.JPG



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solved for now [except inverter temp which is still erratic but on average increases], the changeover switch.... was in wrong position; all loads were on the grid; see image - sorry for any inconvenience...


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Glad you found the obvious error.

But for those who one day do have erratic values, which I also have in the past, it can be a multitude of items/possible cures.

Most of mine went away when either -

 - fiddling with the settings e.g. type of inverter and number of inverters. When I swopped from Axpert to Infini, got some strange values as well, and a infini V parallel with 1 count did it for me.

 - restart ICC, either by clicking on the x of the app, or type reboot in the command window.

 - pull out and re-seat the USP interface on the inverter.

If you have null or erratic values, I'm sure that it's just because Manie has coded the particular inverter's data out of alignment, as he may or may not have had access to actually test each and every scenario he is catering for.

Hope this help someone out there someday.

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tx @Sidewinder, indeed, the kewyord here is 'erratic' and i hope guys hit this thread. i concur, especially with the 're-boot' stuff. i always want to apply this to humans as well, where a re-boot could be as simple as a good nights sleep ^_^

obviously there could also be something slightly misaligned on the inside of the inverter - in my case i could have done so by blowing dust out from the outside; could just have jammed some dust particles into the wrong spot.... thousands of little things could be the cause

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update on erratic and random display readouts from inverter to icc:
switch inverter off [use correct procedure!]
uninstall icc
check all cable connections, inverter to pc and bmv702 from batteries to pc
reboot pc
install old icc v 1.2.8. - not that i believe the current one is faulty but just to try something which worked in the past
make sure all usbs are plugged in pc ports
restart inverter with correct settings
restart icc, make sure settings are correct and no port conflicts between bmv and inverter, in my case com 5 and 1 respectively!
check for erratic behaviour on icc display - if none problem solved - praise the Lord!
now you can download the current icc, v1.3.5. stop and uninstall the old version and run the latest version, at this stage 1.3.5 and check what happens - i doubt if the problem will rear its head.
possible cause = faulty connections.
enjoy your day!
synonyms for erratic in order for google to pick up this thread if someone has same situation:
unpredictable, inconsistent, changeable, variable, inconstant, uncertain, irregular, unstable, turbulent, unsteady, unsettled, unreliable, undependable, changing, ever-changing, volatile, varying, shifting, fluctuating, fluid, mutable, protean, fitful, wavering, full of ups and downs; mercurial, capricious, whimsical, fickle, flighty, giddy, impulsive, wayward, temperamental, highly strung, excitable, moody, rarefluctuant, changeful, erratic behaviour

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your help with these erratic [especially load] readings on my icc [watchpower also] is welcome.

img 000 indicates the readings over the last hour or so

imgs 001 and 002 are two screenshots of the inverter/bmv tab, of special interest here are the

  1. load watts indicator,
  2. inverter load indicator and
  3. mppt pv amps 1 indicator.

everytime 1. goes down, 2. and 3. go up

img 003 indicates this better

there are no funny things connected to the house circuit and the lights and everything works steady without dimming etc


why should i be able to see the pv output on the icc dash but the reports indicate there is no output? img attached






pv output.JPG

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  • Gabriël changed the title to erratic icc readings etc axpert5kv

hi @watkykjy1, thanks for coming back on this!

according to task manager [win10] only icc is running and communicating with the batteries/axpert.

i did the following

uninstalled a program 'victron connect', about 74mb, which was not running as far as taskmanager showed

deleted all watchpower remnants

closed icc

did a reboot

started icc as administrator

the result is the erratic behaviour stopped BUT as the image of the dashboard shows i get dud data AND although the dash reflects pv data, the threads info does not show any pv data

pv no data.JPG

dud data after reboot.JPG

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