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Solar Assistant with Deye 5kw Inverter


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There is a reason I gave you the pin outs. You need only 1 & 2. The others are not required. So you can either spend on the solar assistant cable & spend R500 bucks or you can use a crimping tool & actually make up the cable. 

I'm sorry to say that these out the box cables are HIIT & miss. You need a RS485 to USB converter, RJ45 crimping ports & a suitable RJ45 crimping tool. 

Maybe just buy the cable for R500...Where are you based. If in JNB give me a shout. 

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Based in Cape Town but much appreciated. It's a once off cost so will purchase the cable from SA and be done with it.

Just to confirm though the cable should be connected to the BMS 485 port as in this image?



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