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Geyserwise "antifreeze" function

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Hi,geyserwise max solar conversion kit, with flat panel. what exactly is the antifreeze function for? The installer went trough the functions very quickly. He mentioned in winter i need to adjust this setting to prevent pipes from bursting? 

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15 hours ago, Chris Louw said:

This is to pump hot water from the geyser to the flatpanel to stop it from freezing and pipes bursting.

So its only applicable when the panel reaches the set temperature. Ie. 5deg then it will start circulate?

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Monitor how often it actually starts circulating. Those temp probes are not calibrated so they differ vastly from real temps.
Mine is set to 0deg C as I found over the 5 years that I have been using it that the probe in the panel underreads by around 5-7 deg C. i.e at setting of 5C it would start pumping when the outside air temp is around 10C. A total waste of warm geyser water.  

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