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Solar Assistant Mqtt - HASSIO Issues


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Morning all,

I setup Mqtt on HA and it was working beautifully the whole day, I even started getting values in the Energy Dashboard all pulling through from Solar Assistant.

Went to bed, last values I checked were 190W load, wake up this morning and check and everything is the same values still, frozen in time. So I restarted HA and everything in between and now get blank figures and errors that the entity value is non-numeric.

Solar Assistant is working great on its own web app.

Everything else in HA works perfectly.


This in total is what I've done to try resolve the issue:

Restarted Mqtt add-on

Restarted Home Assistant

Listened mqtt on Channel # which brought an instant reply but couldn't see anything useful in there to indicate the correct values are being produced... But there are messages being supplied, inverter switches mostly.

Restarted Solar Assistant

Restarted Mqtt on Solar Assistant

Delete/re-add the button in HA



Pi 4B 1GB running HA with a 64gb SD for a couple weeks now.

Orange Pi LTS running SA since Saturday.





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