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Kodak FL5.2 SOC Difference Between 2x Parallel Bateries


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Good morning.

I have a single Kodak OG-Plus 5.48 inverter with 2x Kodak FL5.2 batteries installed. I have setup the communication between the inverter and the batteries correctly (this includes the DIP switches, the cable between the link ports etc). The battery icon is flashing and no errors are displayed by the inverter and batteries so I know the communication is working.

The issue I am having is the SOC between the master and the slave battery differs. The master is always lower than slave. For example, by battery voltage is 51.9V. The slave battery indicates that its SOC with 2x LED's (40%-60%) that is on and the running LED flashing indicating that it is charging. The master battery only have the running LED flashing indicating a SOC between 20%-0%. And due to the master battery SOC the inverters shows a low battery warning F04. The power provided from the inverter at this condition was below 500W.

I have checked the voltage and on both batteries and the voltage which the inverter display is correct.

I do not want to run the battery below a SOC of 20% to maximize the operation life of the battery. And currently I have set the "back to utility" (12) to 52V and "back to battery" (13) to 53V which seems high if the nominal voltage of the battery is 51.2V.

Have somebody experienced a similar issue issue or have a possible solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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