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Axpert Inverter Efficiencies


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Just read through the Axpert Inverter Manual and noticed the following efficiency specs:


1) Solar Charging Mode: 98 % (max eff.)


2) Inverter Mode: 90 % (peak eff.)


So i assume that if solar is supplying the load the max efficiency will be 88 %.


A minimum 10 % of battery capacity is lost,  just by inverting the battery voltage to AC power.


I would like to know if anyone has an idea of the inverter efficiencies at different output power ratings.



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The Imeon efficiency is in the order of 93-95%. The hybrid inverters are infinitely superior to the old linear PV -> Charge controller -> Batteries-> Inverter -> Load. You can use energy as you generate it. In the older system you had to store it first and suffer the inherent inefficiencies.

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Hi Chris, looking at the Axpert line diagram it seems to be the old inefficient way of doing things. The solar PV input is converted down to the battery voltage and then inverted back up to 230 Vac.


Would love to know what the efficiency of this inverter is at different load levels.

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