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Hi Wetkit


The Mikrotik Radios total draw is about 16W per Hour at 12V

About 1.3Ah. 31Ah per day.


The Batteries seam to Discharge down to 12.2V just before Sunrise. About 60% State of Charge.

We only had capacity for a 100AH Battery. So figured 2 x 45AH would preform better than one large 100Ah

Keen to hear your opinion on this.



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Well if you have done nearly 2 years without interruption, then you had it pretty much spot on!

You think you would get it to work even with half the panel capacity?


What life-expectancy are your expecting from the batteries?

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Hi BenDL


Great to hear from you.

Funny you ask Our guys have just informed me that we are only running a 120W chinaland solar panel up there now, as they changed it to 12V :)

Here is the attached voltage of the main radio that runs the HS. It measures the battery Voltage.

Its a screen shot at 3:40pm. I will take another screen shot just before the sun rises 

Will be interesting. They say the float life of ritar is 9 years, But I think we cycling a bit deeper than that.

Keen to hear your thoughts 



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