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Piezzo Electric challenge

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Hi, Im busy with  (to me..lol) very complex research called Decoding the Enigma Warper Cone. This is a device which can create plasma by integrating flux from space fabric into the closed loop. I am applying part of the design to pure very efficient power generation which I believe will be used to change the very way in which we currently generate and transmit electricity fundamentally. Many people are searching sometimes for pie in the sky, Free, or perpetual generators but this design could come close in terms of efficiency. My current research needs a solution to convert to usable energy a seemingly non dramatic 0.5 Hz of about 1g of plasma (cooled down to solid already but still magnetic) which gravity drops about 1 cm before being reintegrated. Physical access makes converting this potential gravity droplets very difficult and the consequences of converting via coils, heat exchange (sterling), etc. leads me to consider Piezzo since this drop is a dead stop against the wall of the chamber (pure pressure?).


I have been out of mainstream science for more than 30 years now and my knowledge regarding efficient components etc. is limited and Alzheimer's takes its toll regarding certain terminology and therefore my quantum physics may be steam driven still. However observation don't lie and my eyesight is still ok. I am hoping that somebody can assist me with something fairly simple, because searching the internet just confuses me more and waste my time.


Unless otherwise convinced by readers with better solutions my question is therefore to supply me with a circuit diagram with the latest most efficient components which can utilize the energy from this physical 1cm drop of 1g at 0.5Hz to drive a basic electromagnetic switch 0.5Hz (or create a small E-magnet for 0.2 Hz) and pass the excess to a capacitor or battery for storage since this is all the system wants to give us free..lol. What kind of output can I expect from your design. I hope it will make at least me sit upright and take further notice. Regards. Ben

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