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Voltronic 5kva Solar First / Solar Only Question


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Currently I have 4 x RCT (Voltronic) 5kva inverters in parallel. The settings are set to charge the batteries 10A max from Utility and 25A per Battery for the Pylontech US2000 2.4kw Batteries. It seems the batteries does not reach above 51.5volts. I have the setting for Parameter 1 = SOL (Solar Only) set and did not mess around with the charging voltages set by installer since do not have a guide for it. The installer who helped with the setup recommended solar only and said it will charge during day with Solar and during Night with Eskom. This does not make sense to me. The inverter is on bypass a lot during night and I am trying to resolve this (Even this morning when panels could supply load it was on bypass and panels charged batteries). When I manually dropped the Eskom breakers the load supply switched over to the PV Panels/Batteries but the power to the house dropped for around 1 sec and there was an interruption on power which caused appliances to power cycle for that short period. The load is around 700w-900w during night per inverter and 900w-1.6kw during day per inverter when I do not switch-on the manual changeovers for some plugs I have on changeover between Eskom and Inverters. I have Parameter 1 set to SBU this morning hoping it will solve the problem with the batteries charging. Is there anything else that can be checked ? Thank you @Chris Hobson for the pics of your ground mount panels. It took me a while to build them all with some help and I change it a bit to ensure the angles can be adjusted best I could do was 11 degrees to 50 degrees variable adjustments. Posted some pics

PV Panels Array.jpg

PV Panels Array Back.jpg

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@Chris Hobson Thanks for assisting. I have set the Floating Charge Voltage Parameter 27 to 52.8v and Bulk charging voltage Parameter 26 remains on 53.2v as set by battery installer. Will check if bypass problem will improve.  Doing some research currently on the 72.70c patched firmware:)

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4 hours ago, JT1 said:

Posted some pics

You need more panels ... at least 2 more rows of panels like in the pic. :D

On the ground, easy to clean, check, work on, manually adjustable. I love it!!!

Don't like the thought of "re-distribution of goods", but that is insurable and / or can be managed.

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