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Axpert 4Kw Settings and error.


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I am new to the blog but have seen many discussions on Axpert settings.

I need advice on my system please.

2 x 4Kw Axpert (One is RCT and the other Mecer) Connected parallel.

18 x 260 w panels connected to both inverters. +_ 4.5kw

8 x Narada 12NDT200 AGM batteries. 200A each. Float charge - 54V . Bulk charge 57.6V.

Settings at this stage:

01    Sbu

02   50A

03   UPS

04   Sds

05   USE

06   LFE

07   LFd

09   50Hz

11   2A     - don't want utility to charge too much.

12   45V

13   50V

16   CSO

23   byE

26   56.4V

27   54.0V

28   PAL

29   45V

30   All

31   Sbe

We are only 2 in the house and the Stove, Washing Machine, Tumble dryer are not connected to inverters. only the geyser which runs on a timer and only comes on mid morning and later in afternoon. (Trying to max the solar time).

Recently my second RCT packed up and I replaced it with the Mecer. Also upgraded both to firmware 72 40 U1.

Everything runs smooth, and then I get a code 80 error. (CAN). I shut everything down, start up and then it lasts for a day or so. 

Can anyone help on setting suggestions and also on the error?


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Hi Thinus

The changes I would make is Setting 12 47V or 48V below 48V is a SOC of below 50% your batteries will not last long under those circumstances. Again setting 13 is too low I would set this to 54 or 55V thus you can be sure that you batteries are receiving a decent amount of charge before going back to solar/battery.

Error 80 is a data/communication error check your cabling between the two inverters.

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Thanks for the info. Is there any recommended monitoring system that I can easily install.

Would like to see at a glance the PV input, Load, battery capacity etc. Maybe something with its own screen. I know the Victron stuff don't match.

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1 hour ago, Thinus said:

I know the Victron stuff don't match.

Yup. It shows the values reported by the various devices (ignoring calibration and efficiencies), updated about once a second at most (sometimes even less, CAN bus batteries often send data only every 2 or 3 seconds) so the values on the screen never adds up exactly :-)

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