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Server DDoS

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As we get on top of it more the Servers Speed and powerforum will speed up.

Dear all. We have a great forum, the problem is sometimes on popular sites like powerforum. hackers try to take it down with: A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attack in which multiple compromised computer systems attack a target, such as a server, website or other network resource, and cause a denial of service for users of the targeted resource.

We are getting DDOS attacks from compromised computers all over the world. Over 1000+. This making the server freeze up. Please note your personal computers and accounts are 100% safe. We are implementing more firewall protection and will be up soon.


Jason - Powerforum

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I am curious though. Usually a DDOS attack is launched specifically against a target for a specific reason. Sometimes you are collateral damage: They are targeting another site hosted with the same ISP, or maybe you are using shared hosting and your site runs on the same physical hardware as the one that is being targeted. So I am really curious: Are the attackers specifically targeting PF? Why?

Sometimes the attack is direct. For example, when the ausie guy from EEVBLOG reviewed the batteriser, he got knocked by such a targeted "dislike" attack.

Could it be recent discussions around a certain product? :-)

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Thanks so much for your post. We rent a dedicated Server in the States from a Great Company. We have signed on a new service called " https://www.sitelock.com

They will collect the data and send us a data pack of where these attacks are coming from. I will share it here it will be a good report to read for us and see their motivation.

The Server that I rent (Yes it is a bit expensive but the support is AMAZING- This is what was very important to me) 

We rent the Dedicated : https://www.hostgator.com/dedicated-server  Enterprise  and added Memory and some other costs.  SEO/Web optimization/ Bulletin Board rental.About R4000pm cost to run this whole setup. 

It could of been done cheaper, But I wanted to start on a rock solid foundation so we can grow with out any pains! Im excited to see the report from sitelock. They are on it and banning the IPs and users. I will share the full report. Please note all the users details are 100% safe. The attackers are just trying to freeze the server up buy sending requests to it the whole time.  Thousand upon Thousands. They might slow us down, But they wont get in. We fixing it so they cant do anything not even slow us down.

I will report in, in the next 5 hours. Thanks to all!



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I would very much like to see the report :-)

4k a month sounds like a lot. I used to rent really high spec servers from Hetzner Germany at around 55 Euro. Granted, that was unmanaged. We did out own thing. Also, I don't know what it costs for this BB software. I hope there is a way to get the data out if you ever decide to move :-)

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