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Theia 4.4HE-T


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13 minutes ago, MTV1 said:

Does this grid-tie inverter have a setting to isolate the feedback of access electricity onto the grid?

Hi MTV, I still cant see what inverter you are referring to. Please post a link or a picture of the inverter in question. 


EDIT: You can just give us the brand and model number as well. 


My Bad, I see it in the name of the thread, I have never seen that name, so it did not ring a bell.  Theia 4.4HE-T


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1 hour ago, MTV1 said:

Does this grid-tie inverter have the setting(s) to isolate electricity feedback to the grid?

By the looks of it it is a grid-tied unit, so the answer seems to be no by definition. I don't see any facility that would allow grid-limiting (to avoid feed-in), in case that is what you want to know.

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This is directly from the manual.

"Automatic System The system is fully automatic. The inverter starts up in the morning when the solar array generates enough power. During the day the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function ensures the highest possible energy harvest from the PV panels. The inverter goes into ‘sleep’ mode at dusk when the solar array stops generating power, ready to automatically start-up again in the morning."



So it seems you have a 5 hour commissioning period in witch to chose your Grid Code for your Area and then for the Grid code you have these settings. After that nothing more you can really do.






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