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HP50G Graphing Calculator

Jaco De Jongh

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It's a bit fancier than the one I used as a student. I had a 20S, which I lost a few years ago when I put it on the roof of my car and forgot about it. I was using the trig functions to calculate the lengths of the triangular solar panel supports I was making in my garage see...


In 1997 it cost around R220. This was around 4 times more than the typical scientific calculator used in high school at the time, typically the Casio FX82 and the Sharp equivalent, both acceptable for the course I was taking:

Casio-FX-82B.jpg.780f82b54f07a64a63b0169ece4719c3.jpg or sharp.EL-531LH.5.jpg.99c7bb290df946d6e10d2716b943b6cc.jpg


It was a bit more capable, you could program a calculation into it, and then pretty much go "Execute program 1" and it would replay the keystrokes. It could also find the roots to quadratic equations. Neither functions I really care about these days.

I miss that 20S because it was a solid little thing. Not like the others that would spring a leak in the LCD after a year or so...

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