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What's the best countertop water filter?


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You need to test the water to see what is wrong with it.

Then you can google for a company to assist you.

The municipal water in Witbank tastes terrible and is not clean all the time.

Because their qualities vary a lot there is not a one fit solution for all circumstances.

I get my water from a borehole where I had the water tests done extensively.

I only had to put a vessel in place to remove the iron as it was causing marks on the basins and baths.

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Even when I was drinking the Amway coolaid I could never justify the eSpring in my mind. One day I was looking at two containers with dishwasher soap, and realised the Amway one was double the price of the perfectly good Sunlight brand (ie Calgonit/Finish level)... so even on the soaps they were not as competitive as claimed. I also never bought into the whole "RO is bad because it removes all the minterals" story, simply because your drinking water is not your main source of minerals in the first place. You have to look after the PH of the water for the sake of your teeth, that is all.

So now my opinion is pretty much that if your water quality is suspect, rather go for a good RO or microfiltration setup, and make some plan to remineralise/fix PH afterwards.

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Totally agree with plonkster. I never worry about my water lacking minerals. A balanced diet takes care of that, not water. Which is why a RO countertop water filter is the optimal choice, preferably with pre-filters for precaution. The APEC RO-CTOP is probably the best option at the moment. I found it on healthy kitchen 101 or something. Can’t recall. Look up the filter yourself to see if it has what you’re looking for. Best of luck.

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