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The Renting PV idea

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Hi All,

Im new to the group but have been watching and reading from everyone's experiences.
Want to find out if anyone can shed some light onto a system i am looking at from the point of a renter.

I live in Grahamstown and have the ability to mount 2 x 300W panels onto a flat surface on the roof where i stay (have asked from landlord).
I have measured my base load which is no less than 200W with the essentials only plugged in (Fridge, Freezer, Alarm, DSL).

My readings point me in the direction of purchasing a Hoymiles MI-500 or MI-600 which will allow me to use one panel for now and can add another panel at a later stage as it has two MPPT outputs.
What i am planning on doing is putting up 2x 80W 36 cell panels in series which will connect into one of the MPPT inputs, feeding directly into the house. Knowing that i am under the base load, will this work without a limiter and not trip the prepaid.

In the future i would like to purchase another panel to help when the fridge/freezer kick in and ultimately just cover my electricity usage during sunny periods. At this point i would need to look at the Hoymiles DTU unit which a rep has said to me does provide Zero-Export to the grid. The connection of this is a CT clamp over 2.4Ghz or 433Mhz to the DTU unit.

My only other option that i could think of is getting a SMA Sunnyboy 1.5 but would be a reach with my current budget.
I was given the 2 x 80W panels so i would prefer to Grid-Tie than investing in a Battery and PWM charger

All comments are welcome

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Hi all. On 14th November 2018 I installed 2 Hoymiles Mi 600 micro inverters along with 4 X 325w panels from Artsolar. I couldn't have wished for a better, easily installed and maintenance free system. With the monitoring wireless system I have generated 690 Kwh to date (4. 4. 2019). It gives me the greatest of pleasure to know that in this period I have reduced my Eskom intake by one third and will pay the system off in 4 years at current rates and even quicker when they increase. 4 more panels and inverters are soon to be purchased. Highly recommended . Oliver Hart, Pinetown.

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Hi Oliver

I live not far from you and was also looking at the Hoymiles micro inverters, was looking at the Mi1200 and 4x 350w panels from Artsolar in New Germany(have been to the factory) What is the monitoring software like and who did you use to install the system? If you dont mond what did this setup cost you?

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