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Goodwe gw5048d es and sems data

Justin Hewitt

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Good day, thank you for accepting me.

i have a goodwe 5048 multi with the serial starting with 9, 20 ja320 poly’s in 2 strings, just installed my first.aircon to deal with the power 😁

problem is 2 days ago the sems portal stopped showing “usage” and now only displays solar production. It is connected to my WiFi and all components are communicating properly, I think😊

if I connect directly EzManage does show all the data.

have they changed sems? I was very happy with the older version.



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Ok, as I got no replies here I chose to mail a random Goodwe employee address found on this forum, thanks allot!

It worked, got a reply and contact to sort out my issue within 12 hours, it was Friday evening so I was patient. This morning I received a mail from Luke at Goodwe that I had in fact registered my unit twice and the one I was looking at was the “residential copy”, it was deleted and everything is working as promised.

thank you Goodwe

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